Screen Scraping and Open Data hackday in Jyväskylä

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Saturday 19.3. 2011, starting at 11 CET in Jyväskylä (the simultaneus twin event in Prague starts an hour earlier 10 CET) Jyväskylä, Hub Jyväskylä, Hannikaisenkatu 18 (next to railway station)

Shouldn’t all the publicly accessible data be also legally and technically re-usable?

The Finnish government is starting to move towards open government data, but the change will take time.

  • What kind of data my city or local government has?
  • How screen scrapers are programmed, is it difficult?
  • Is it legal to make a screen scraper and republish the data, how to avoid juridical problems?

Welcome to the Big Clean event at Hub Jyväskylä to learn and to code. In Prague there will be organised an other simultaneous Big Clean -event and programmers from other cities are welcome to join ower IRC.

The twin event (Prague-Jyväskylä) on March 19th is a preparatory event for a global Big Clean -screen scraping day, that will follow later (coordinated by Open Knowledge Foundation and Scraperwiki ).

For the communication we will use the Open Knowledge Foundation channel #okfn on (Can connect via the following short link:, which is where various open data people are already often to be found.


  • 12.00 – Opening the event: Coffee, snacks and wilreless network are availabel.
  • 12:15 – Connection to Prague: Short Skype-chat to the fellow programmers in Prague, where the twin event has started one hour earlier. The idea is that people can help each other and communicate over IRC channel. The event in Prague is bigger than the one in Jyväskylä.
  • 12.30 – Open data and screen scraping: Antti Poikola, author of the finnish guidebook: Public data – an introduction to opening the information resources, will introduce the “open data” topic very briefly. We also get to know the main tool of the day -a virtual programming environment that makes the creation and maintenance of screen scrapers easy.
  • 12.45 – Targets for the day: We choose the datasets that we are aiming to scrape and clean during the day.
  • 13:00 – 18:00 Let’s Clean some Data!: We came here to code, not to talk :)

We hope that people subscribe to the event by sending email beforehand to antti.poikola[a] .

Antti Poikola, +35 44 337 5439, antti.poikola[a]

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